Once you have followed instructions for setting up your Zoom account return to the main virtual meeting page for the Zoom links and passcodes.

You may contact us (georgiaafs@gmail.com) if you are having technical difficulties or have a question.

Zoom Instructions

joining the meeting

Joining the Zoom meeting is as easy as 1-2-3-4, but for security reasons it’s critical you follow these steps to avoid trouble.  Even if you’ve used Zoom before, our instructions may be different, so read closely.

  1. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, create one at https://zoom.us/signup.  This is important: set your profile name to be the same as the name you used to register for the AFS meeting.
  2. If you already have a Zoom account, log in at https://zoom.us/signin or through your institutional portal, if applicable.
  3. Go into your Zoom profile (https://georgiasouthern.zoom.us/profile; see screen capture below) and make sure that your profile name matches the name you used to register for the meeting.  If it doesn’t, we won’t know who you are and you won’t be allowed into the meeting!
  4. Now simply click this link to enter the “waiting room” for the meeting: [see secure website for link].  If you should need to enter a passcode, it is provided on the secure website.  The organizers will verify your identity and let you into the in-progress meeting.  Please make sure your microphone is muted before entering the meeting.  Treat this process like you are quietly entering the back of a seminar room.

During the keynote address and oral and poster presentations

Please follow theses policies:

  • With the exception of speakers during their own Q&A sessions, please keep your microphone muted at all times. We ask that you ask questions using the chat box feature. 
  • More instructions will follow during the meeting.