2021 Trivia Game

The Zoom link for the Trivia Game is on the virtual meeting page.

The trivia game will be played in a zoom meeting separate from the conference meeting.  Trivia teams will be randomly selected from those attending.

When you enter the zoom breakout room for your team you will need to do a couple of things:

  1. Only one person for the team will enter information.  Select a team member for this duty (maybe the person whose birthday is closest to the day on which the game is played).
  2. Decide on a team name
  3. Join the game.  The person entering the information should use their device to join – no one else from your team should join on their device.

To join the game

  • We are using a Nearpod lesson for our interactive trivia game.  The game can be played on your computer browser or phone.  There is a Nearpod app, however, the browser on your phone works as well.
  • As we get ready for the game to kick off, you will be given a Nearpod code through the meeting chat.  Again, ONLY the team member entering the information joins online.  Go to join.nearpod.com to enter the code.  After entering the code, click “Join”.  Enter the team name and then click “Join Lesson”.  We will begin the game when all teams have joined.

GAAFS Trivia Game Rules

Format of the game

  • 6 rounds of 3 questions each
  • 1 halftime question
  • 1 final question

Questions in each round

  • You will have 1 and 1/2 minutes for each question
  • The point value for each question within a round is 5, 3, or 1. You decide the point value, but each value can only be used once.
  • If you used the value previously, the next lowest available value will be assigned to the question. If no value is used the lowest available value will be assigned to the question.

Halftime and final questions

  • You will have 2 minutes for each question.
  • The halftime question has multiple answers, and you can enter 5 answers worth 2 points each. Only the first 5 of your answers will be considered for scoring. There is no penalty for wrong answers.
  • The final question is worth the amount you wager from your total points going into the round. The correct answer adds to your points, the incorrect answer subtracts from your points.