GAAFS networking BINGO

Our Chapter members have requested more opportunities for networking and meeting new people. Members of the Georgia AFS EXCOM had thought about several different ways to assist our meeting participants with this request. We decided Networking BINGO would work best for our group. Meeting participants will receive a BINGO sheet that they can place in their notebook or fold up and place in their name badge for safekeeping. The BINGO game will begin at the start of the meeting on Wednesday and end at 5pm on Thursday. Our BINGO squares were created specifically for our meeting and some squares require a task such as “take a selfie with Brent Hess” or post a picture of the meeting on social media”. Raffle tickets will be awarded for completing a line of 5 squares. Everyone who completes a line or at least 10 squares can enter a drawing for a $100 Academy Sports gift card. We have scheduled a special event on Wednesday to help everyone get a few names for their BINGO sheet.

Poster and Trivia Night

Join us at the Brown Center for the public viewing of the posters and for trivia at 7pm. Poster presenters will stand with their posters from 7 – 8pm. Trivia will begin after the public viewing of the posters. Jonathon Pritchard will be our trivia host. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Fellowship of Christian Conservationists

Everyone is invited to join us in Classroom #3 for our annual FCC meeting at 8am on Thursday. Coffee will be available.

Student-Mentor Luncheon

Students will have an opportunity to eat lunch in the dining facility with one or two of our professional Chapter members on Thursday. Any student interested in participating in the student-mentor luncheon needs to complete the Google form (scan QR code below). Contact Lauren if you have questions at

Fly Fishing 101 crash course

Those of you who signed up for the Fly Fishing 101 course will meet at 3:30pm on Thursday at the field next to the Brown Center.

Special Sessions Thursday Afternoon

We have a list of special sessions which you are invited to attend in the auditorium on Thursday starting at 3pm.

Women of Fisheries, Inc. and the Importance of Allyship

This special session will highlight Women of Fisheries, Inc. a nonprofit group committed to connecting, supporting, and amplifying the experiences of women in fisheries science. The session is open to all and will include a presentation about the history of the organization, lessons learned, and future goals with a particular focus on allyship. A separate networking opportunity will be available later in the day for women interested in connecting with other women in fisheries science and learning more about getting involved with the Women of Fisheries.

UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant – Student Opportunities

UGA Marine Extension and Sea Grant is committed to enriching the next generation of coastal leaders and preparing them for careers in ocean policy, coastal resource management, marine resource economics, applied research, environmental education and more. On average, the program supports 30 undergraduate and graduate students from various institutions each year through state and federal fellowships, traineeships and internships. This session will provide an overview of these opportunities and how to get involved.

Building Partnerships with Other Stakeholders

Successful projects typically don’t happen by accident. They are often the result of a well-planned effort of building partnerships and executing strategies. Here we will examine one such successful project, Non-native Catfish Removal in the Satilla River, and see how working together has allowed us to achieve a common goal of protecting native fish in the river.