The Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society values its members and all those who work to improve the conservation and sustainability of our fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. Randy Pausch once said, “showing gratitude is one of the simplest, yet most powerful thing humans can do for each other.”  One way our Chapter shows its gratitude is by recognizing outstanding individuals or organizations for their achievements and excellence in support of the Chapter’s mission and objectives.

Do you have someone in mind who deserves to be recognized for their commitment and dedication to the fisheries profession? Do you know of a person or an organization that has gone out of their way to support the sustainability and conservation of our fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems? Select from our list of Georgia AFS awards for nomination guidelines. List of past award recipients:

Fisheries Professional of the Year in Fisheries Management, Fisheries Professional of the Year in Science and Research, and Fisheries Conservationist of the Year

  • Click on the name of the award for nomination forms and guidelines
  • Nomination forms should be completed and submitted by December 30, 2022

Fisheries Professional of the Year in Fisheries Management: This award is open to hatchery managers, fisheries technicians, PFA managers, biologists, and other fisheries professionals who have participated in outstanding or unique management or fish culture activities that contributed significantly to fisheries management and/or conservation.

Fisheries Professional of the Year in Science and Research: This award is open to biologists, professors, fisheries technicians, and other fisheries professionals whose role in a research project or program promotes the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic systems.

Fisheries Conservationist of the Year: This award is open to an individual or group for their outstanding contributions or service to fisheries conservation in Georgia.  Their accomplishments should go beyond their regular work responsibility.

Career Contribution, Certificate of Appreciation, Unsung Hero, and Distinguished Service Awards

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  • Nominations are due January 20, 2023. All nominations should be sent to Steve Sammons (

Career Contribution: Honors individuals who have made numerous and significant contributions towards the advancement of fisheries research and/or management in Georgia over the course of their career(s).

Certificate of Appreciation: Exhibits the Chapter’s gratitude to an individual or organization for a specific contribution or event that supports the Chapter or its mission.

Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes the outstanding contributions of time and energy for special projects or activities by Chapter members.

Unsung Hero Award: This award recognizes the contributions of a person who may not be directly employed as a typical fishery professional (e.g. biologist, technician, etc.), but provides exceptional work that is essential to the mission of promoting the conservation, development, and wise use utilization of fisheries resources. This award is designed to celebrate the contributions of people often completing responsibilities “behind the scenes.”