During the Summer of 2019, under the leadership of Georgia Chapter AFS President Jim Page, a team of Chapter volunteers reviewed and revised the Chapter’s by-laws to make changes necessary for efficient management of the Chapter and to ensure we were following the Constitution of the American Fisheries Society.

During the July 16, 2019 meeting of the Management Committee of the American Fisheries Society, the revision of the Chapter’s by-laws was unanimously approved.   The Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society voting members also unanimously approved the revised by-laws and this was shared during the November 8, 2019 EXCOM meeting.

Highlights of the revised by-laws include:

  • Addition of an Executive Secretary-Treasurer, which shall be appointed by the President
  • Modification of Secretary-Treasurer to now read “Recording Secretary-Treasurer”.  This position will be elected and will work closely with the Executive Sec-Treasurer.
  • More clearly defines expectations of each officer.
  • Per AFS Constitution, requirement that committee Chairs must be AFS members.  In the event that no committee member having AFS membership agrees to serve as Chair, the President may appoint a Chair member to serve as Director of a committee until such time a Chair can be appointed.
  • Added several new standing committees to by-laws (e.g. Ballot, Fundraising, Arrangements, Training, Scholarship, Communications, etc.) and more clearly defined the duties of each standing committee. 
  • Per AFS Constitution, requirement that only AFS members can vote on Chapter business. 
  • Defined quorums for meetings and ballots and established the use of electronic ballots.
  • Added multiple new Sections to bylaws: Rules/Procedures, Sub-Units, Student Opportunity Fund, Lobbying, Resolutions

Georgia Chapter AFS By-laws: Georgia Chapter AFS Bylaws Revised Summer 2019