The GAAFS Fisheries Conservationist of the Year award is open to an individual or group for their outstanding contributions or service to fisheries conservation in Georgia.  Fisheries conservation addresses the study, conservation, and sustainable use of marine and freshwater finfish and shellfish and their aquatic habitats, including streams, wetlands, estuaries, and oceans.  Accomplishments can include political, legal, educational, scientific, and managerial successes.  Their accomplishments should go beyond their regular work responsibility.

Recognition should be based on fisheries-related work done in the state of Georgia in 2022 but can span more than one year.  You may nominate more than one person and/or you may nominate yourself.  It is not required for the nominator to provide their name. Each candidate is NOT expected to excel on all questions. 

FCY Nomination Form:

Due Date: December 30, 2022

Each of the finalists will be asked to answer the following questions (350-word limit per question):

  • Provide examples of specific activities and partnerships that you initiated or participated in that protects, conserves, restores, or enhances Georgia’s aquatic and fisheries resources.  These activities could have been initiated prior to 2022, but they must have still been ongoing during 2022.
  • Describe an example of you have demonstrated leadership in your position (e.g. led a team to complete a project, coordinated with different agencies/universities, mentored current/prospective fisheries students or fisheries professionals).
  • Explain how your conservation efforts will benefit the future of Georgia’s aquatic and fisheries resources.
  • Describe the efforts you have made to share your aquatic and fisheries conservation ethics and techniques with others.  Describe community service, leadership roles, aquatic education outreach programs, and/or outreach materials.
  • Describe how your aquatic and fisheries conservation efforts benefit people directly or indirectly.