Every year around the end of January or the beginning of February the Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will hold its annual meeting in a host city selected by the current President and the EXCOM.  Annual meetings typically begin on a Tuesday after lunch and end at noon the following Thursday.  During theses 3 days one can expect presentations on a wide range of topics which focus on the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems.  Areas of research may include fisheries management, aquatic invasive species, aquaculture, fish health, endangered species, non-game aquatic species, fisheries ecology in the urban interface, and all coastal fisheries.

Those attending our annual meeting are invited to the Tuesday night Poster Presentation/Social Mixer.  During the first hour of the social undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to present their posters. 

The Chapter’s Awards Banquet is held the Wednesday night of the annual meeting.  The Chapter offers awards to its members and partners for unique contributions that directly or indirectly impact fisheries science.  Each year there is a call for award nominations recognizing professional excellence and/or outstanding contributions to conservation, education, and service. (for more, see Award Nominations)

The Chapter’s annual fundraising raffle/silent auction takes place during the annual meeting.  The Chapter truly appreciates our sponsors and donors who contribute each year to our Chapter. (Sponsors)