The Georgia Chapter of the AFS understands how important student involvement is to accomplishing the American Fisheries Society mission “to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.”  The Chapter was able to invest our profits from the 2015 Southern Division AFS Savannah meeting along with a substantial donation from Dr. Ronnie Gilbert (retired) in a way that would benefit our student members and also provide opportunities to attract new membership to the Georgia Chapter. Both scholarship and travel stipend funding were discussed as important among GA-AFS members, and therefore, the Ronnie J. Gilbert Student Scholarship and Georgia Chapter AFS Undergraduate Travel Stipend were both created.

Ronnie J. Gilbert Student Scholarship

The GA-AFS Chapter is proud to offer an annual scholarship program open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The Ronnie J. Gilbert Student Scholarship provides $500 to one outstanding student who is a member of the Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society at the time of their application. College students who are currently pursuing an education which will allow them to seek careers that help improve, manage, and protect our aquatic natural resources are encouraged to apply.  However, students are only eligible to win a scholarship once per degree track (e.g. a student could win once as an undergraduate and once as a master’s candidate but not twice as an undergraduate). The winner will be expected to serve a one-year term on the scholarship and undergraduate travel stipend awards selection committee.

To apply for the Ronnie J. Gilbert Student Scholarship, please complete the application. Submit completed applications to both Patrick O’Rouke at and Rebecca Brown at with a subject line “Ronnie J. Gilbert Student Scholarship Application.”  Application Deadline for Scholarship: December 10, 2021.

Ronnie J. Gilbert Scholarship: Application Form for RJG Scholarship

Georgia Chapter AFS Undergraduate Travel Stipend

The GA-AFS Chapter is pleased to offer an Undergraduate Travel Stipend to attend GA-AFS annual meetings. The undergraduate travel stipend will provide lodging and meeting registration to attend the GA-AFS annual meeting. The number of awards presented each year will depend on the amount of funding available in the Student Opportunity Fund, the cost of lodging, and the number of student applicants. Recipients of the travel stipend will be expected to assist with various duties at the annual meeting.  Application deadline: December 10, 2021.

Travel Stipend Scholarship: Application Form for Undergraduate Travel 

Financing: The Georgia Chapter AFS Student Opportunity Fund

Funding for the Georgia Chapter AFS Student Opportunity Fund was initially financed from 2015 Southern Division AFS Savannah meeting profits.  In addition, a percentage of profits from the GA-AFS Chapter Annual Meeting raffle/silent auction proceeds will be deposited into this fund. The GA-AFS Chapter is also soliciting tax-deductible donations to the Student Opportunity Fund from its members and supporters. If you would like more information about the Student Opportunity Fund or if you would like to make a donation, please contact the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.