Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes the exceptional service and dedication to the Chapter.

Past Award Recipients:  Chalisa Fabillar (2021), Jackson Sibley (2021)Brett Albanese (2020), Pete Sakaris (2019), Kevin Cavallaro (2019), Tim Bonvechio (2018), Brent Hess (2017), Paula Marcinek (2016), Joey Slaughter (2015), Nicole M. Rankin (2012), Rebecca Brown (2009), Cecil Jennings (2008), David Higginbotham (2007), Tom Reinert (2002), Matt Thomas (2001), Michael Spencer (1999), Bruce Saul (1998), Ronnie Gilbert (1994), and Sue Anthony (1984).

Career Contributions Award

Honors individuals who have made numerous and significant contributions towards the advancement of fisheries research and/or management in Georgia over the course of their career(s).

Past Award Recipients:  Bill Davin (2021), Rusty Garrison (2021), Dominic Guadagnoli (2021), Roger Harrell (2021), Pat Markey (2021), Paul Jones (2021), Donna Wilson (2021), Vernon Baldwin (2020), Ed Bettross (2020), Rebecca Brown (2020), Matt Thomas (2020), Spud Woodward (2020), Jeff Durniak (2019), John Biagi (2017), Ronnie Gilbert (2017), Cecil Jennings (2017), Patti Lanford (2017), Jimmy Evans (2013), Charles West (2012), Wayne Probst (2011), Gary Beisser (2009), Wayne Clark (2008), David Partridge (2008), Mike Van den Avyle (2008), Bubba Mauldin (2007), Les Ager (2007), Mike Geihsler (2006), Mike Alexander (2004), Reggie Weaver (2004), Greg Looney (2003), Carl Hall (2002), Bob Rees (2001), Bob Reinert (2000), and Dan Holder (1999).

Fisheries Professional of the Year

Presented to an individual that has made a significant impact on fisheries research or management in Georgia during the past year.

Past Award Recipients:  Jason Mitchell (2021), Aaron Gray (2020), Leon Brotherton (2020), Danny Edwards (2019), Mark Rigglesford (2018), Bryant Bowen (2017), David Tannehill (2016), Craig Robbins (2014), Chris Looney (2014), Donald Harrison (2013), Chris Harper (2012), Josh Tannehill (2012), Tim Bonvechio (2011), Thom Litts (2009), Adam Kaeser (2009), Travis Ingram (2008), Tommy Marshall (2006), Anthony Rabern (2005), Tim Barrett (2004), Steve Schlieger (2003), Wayne Clark (2002), Dennis Young (2001), Jerry Germann (2000), and Jimmy Evans (1998).

Fisheries Conservationist of the Year

This award is not restricted to Georgia Chapter AFS members.  It is presented annually to an individual or group for their outstanding contributions or service to fisheries conservation in Georgia.

Past Award Recipients:  Jim Page (2021), Marion Baker (2020); Steven Patrick (2019)

Certificate of Appreciation

Exhibits the Chapter’s gratitude to an individual or organization for a specific contribution or event that supports the Chapter or its mission.

2021 Award Recipients:  Richmond Hill Fish Hatchery

President’s Award (formerly Chapter Service Award)

Chosen by the current Chapter President and presented annually to an individual Georgia Chapter AFS member for loyalty, dedication, and meritorious service to the Chapter over a long period of time and for exceptional commitment to the programs, objectives, and long-term goals of the Chapter.

Past Award Recipients:  Rebecca Brown (2021), Brent Hess (2020); Bill Davin (2019); Rebecca Brown (2018)

Unsung hero award

This award recognizes the contributions of a person who may not be directly employed as a typical fisheries professional (e.g. biologist, technician, etc.), but provides exceptional work that is essential to the mission of promoting the conservation, development, and wise use utilization of fisheries resources.  This award is designed to celebrate the contributions of people often completing responsibilities “behind the scenes.” 

Past Award Recipients:  Dylan Severens (2021), Cindy Smith (2021), Amy Smith (2021), Carletha Bryant (2020)

Past-President’s Award

Recognizes the contributions of the outgoing Chapter President. Presented annual as the Chapter leader moves from President to Past-President.

Current Recipient:  Jamie Roberts (2021)