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In early March 2021, GADNR staff, along with wildlife agencies across the U.S., were issued a warning about aquarium moss balls that had been shipped nationwide to multiple pet stores and found to be contaminated with zebra mussels. Detailed instructions for disposing of products and sanitizing aquariums can be found at Most importantly, DO NOT flush this product, or the mussels, down the toilet and DO NOT discard them outside. Zebra mussels pose a significant risk to our state, both economically and ecologically, thus it is critically important to pursue all preventative measures feasible so as to prevent the introduction of these invasive species into the wild. GA DNR created the following 2 posters to help spread the word.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources have printed versions of the posters below. Visit the Georgia DNR Aquatic Nuisance Species website for more information how you can get your free posters (GA DNR Education and Outreach) and learn about aquatic (Examples) invasive species issues in our state.

The Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division has some really cool posters. Besides the marine fishes poster you see below, they have posters and a companion booklet highlighting Georgia’s coastal habitats. Visit the DNR Coastal Resources Division poster website to lean how you can get your own free copies.

The marine fishes poster is two-sided.

Additional Posters