The Executive Committee (EXCOM) of the Chapter shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past-President, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, a single representative from student sub-units within the chapter, and other members as appointed by the President. The Committee is authorized to act for the Chapter between meetings and perform appropriate duties and functions.

  • Members: President; President-elect; Past-president; Recording Secretary-  
  •      Treasurer; Executive Secretary-Treasurer; UGA Student Subunit rep; Others   
  •       appointed by President

The Membership and Student Affairs Committee shall recruit new members for the Chapter and the Society; ensure continued membership of current members; promote student involvement; and identify concerns of members and students related to Society structure, function, and activities.

  • Committee Chair: Lauren Carroll
    • Committee Members: Robert Bringolf,  Jonathon Pritchard

The Ballot Committee shall prepare, receive, and tally paper ballots and/or online voting for the elections of President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer and report the election results to the EXCOMM at the annual Chapter Business Meeting. This committee is not to include Division officers or members of the Nominating Committee.  Current ballot committee members cannot be nominated for an officer position.   Any ballot committee member who wishes to run for an officer position will need to step down from the committee.

  • Committee Chair: Jim Page
    • Committee Members: Kevin Cavallaro 

The Fundraising/Raffle Committee shall solicit donations and contributions for various Chapter and/or Society events, including the annual Chapter meeting.

  • Committee Chair: Jackson Sibley
    • Committee Members: Steven Patrick, Rebecca Brown, Marion Baker, Hunter Roop, Jim Page, Carolyn Belcher, Paula Marcinek, Zack Brock, Collin George, Richard Childers, Jordan Steele, Steve Sammons

The Arrangements Committee shall assist in organizing and carrying out various duties associated with the annual Chapter meeting or other assigned events.

  • Committee Chairs: Kevin Cavallaro and Brent Hess
    • Committee Members: Current GAAFS EXCOM, Jamie Roberts, Jim Page, Kevin Bleier, Brandon Baker, Zack Brock, Jordan Steele, Jonathon Pritchard, Laura Wenk, Emilia Omerberg, Jackson Sibley, Amory Cook

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Scholarship Committee shall assist in all aspects of the HJFB Scholarship including the recruitment of new mentors.

  • Committee Chair: Marion Baker
    • Committee Members: Kady Lyons

The Continuing Education Committee shall develop and coordinate workshops/courses that (1) provide affordable opportunities that help support the continuing education requirements for AFS Professional Certification program; (2) provide applied training opportunities to students that will serve them well as they seek employment in the profession; and (3) meet the training needs of DNR and/or other fisheries-related entities.

  • Committee Chairs: Pete Sakaris and Hunter Roop
    • Committee Members: Jared Flowers, Tim Bonvechio, Brandon Baker, Rebecca Brown, Paula Marcinek, Jim Page, Laura Wenk, Emilia Omerberg

The Nominating Committee shall recommend candidates for officers at least three months prior to the date of the annual meeting.  The committee chair is responsible for ensuring each nominee has a picture and bio ready to be posted to the Chapter website and Facebook Page.  Additionally, printed copies should be prepared and made available to members during the annual Chapter meeting.

  • Committee Chair: Don Harrison
    • Committee Members: Chad Sexton

The Policy, Bylaws, and Resolutions Committee shall review current bylaws and policies and develop resolutions, proposed changes/updates, or other items prudent for consideration by the Chapter membership.

  • Committee Chair: Dawn Franco

The Program Committee shall be responsible for solicitations of papers, development, and printing of the program for the annual Chapter meeting.

  • Committee Chair: Carolyn Belcher
    • Committee Members: Bryant Bowen 

The Awards Committee shall be responsible for judging presentations at the annual Chapter meeting and for any other awards as designated by the EXCOMM.

  • Committee Chair: Steve Sammons (Chapter awards) and Chalisa Fabillar (Student awards)
    • Committee Members: Deb Weiler, Tim Bonvechio, Hunter Roop, Marion Baker, Sarah Baker, Chad Kaiser, Zack Brock, Dawn Franco, Kady Lyons, Jonathon Pritchard, Bryan Fluech, Brandon Baker, Kimberly Clements, Laura Wenk, Amory Cook, Brent Hess, Emilia Omerberg, Ani Escobar, Jim Page, Rebecca Brown

The Audit Committee shall audit the Chapter books every two years at the end of the Sec/Treasurer term of office. They will report to the membership at the annual Chapter meeting. The committee shall be composed of two members in good standing that are not currently serving on the EXCOMM.

  • Committee Chairs: Bill Davin and Clint Peacock

The Scholarship Committee shall assist in assessing scholarship applicants and provide scholarship nominations to the Awards Committee.

  • Committee Chair: Donna McDowell
    • Committee Members: Bill Davin, Justin Bythwood, current Ronnie J. Gilbert Scholarship recipient 

The AFS/SDAFS Liaison shall seek to maintain good communication between the GA Chapter and AFS/SDAFS.

  • Liaison: Cecil Jennings

The Communications Committee shall seek to disperse information pertaining to the GA Chapter members via multiple outlets, including the GA Chapter website, Facebook, newsletters, AFS Fisheries Magazine, or other appropriate forms of media.

  • Committee Chair: Rebecca Brown (Social Media and Newsletter) and Nicole Rankin (Webmaster)
    • Members: Jim Page, Marion Baker, Kevin Cavallaro, Jamie Roberts, Brent Hess, Amanda Hurst, Brandon Baker, Janet Genz

The Environmental Concerns Committee shall seek to identify issues pertaining to the conservation and responsible management of aquatic species and their habitats; provide a forum by which ideas and information may be exchanged; and consider a position when deemed appropriate.  This committee shall consist of students and interested professionals.

  • Committee Chair: Jordan Steele